Blackjack Strategy: Tips to Increase Your Chances at Blackjack

Blackjack Strategy: Tips to Increase Your Chances at Blackjack

Blackjack strategy: the players vs. the dealer

Being one of the popular casino card games, blackjack is very easy to play, if your goal is to simply test your luck and enjoy any result of the game. The final goal of the players, who plays against the dealer, is to get the cards on their hand with the closest to 21 sum without overcoming the number. Basically, you can simply receive your cards and hope for better.

However, if you are ready to try harder, you are able to enhance your influence on the result. Since this game has a particular probability of different combinations of cards, it is possible to get more familiar with this probability and win greater payouts.

Online blackjack strategy: ways to play

There are different ways of succeeding in blackjack that you can use depending on your proficiency. They are:

  1. blackjack basic strategy that is good for beginners;
  2. card counting strategy of really trained players;
  3. additional tips to increase chances for both.

You can try any strategy you believe will help you.

Simple blackjack strategy for beginners

Even at the beginning of your blackjack experience you can try winning your bets using the basic strategy, also known as the optimal strategy.

This blackjack strategy offers the complete chart of actions that you should do in case of particular count in player’s and dealer’s hands. It is very useful playing online, since you can actually see the chart on the screen.

Perfect blackjack strategy for advanced players: card counting

The particular strategy known as card counting can be useful only for the most attentive players.

It goes in four steps by the Hi-Lo method:

  1. attribute a value to each card;
  2. learn how to maintain a running count quickly and smoothly;
  3. learn to do the true count, which is the count per each deck calculated by dividing the running count to the quantity of dealer decks;
  4. adapt your bets to the true count: increase them when the count is high and decrease when it is low.

This strategy can be practices until it becomes flawless. However, if the decks in the online game are shuffled after each hand, this strategy may not work.

Additional tips to win in blackjack

Extra steps can be useful for any player:

  • All the basic terms of blackjack should be learnt by heart to feel free in the game and all your actions;
  • It is better to choose the casino with most liberal playing rules: fewer decks used, soft 17, more possibilities to double down, etc.;
  • Different tables can provide different payout percentage, so choose the table with better one;
  • Your bets should follow the odds of cards and increase and decrease accordingly;
  • The insurance bet is highly advertised by the casino, since it will benefit more from the insurance than you, so do not make such a bet.

Among all casino games, blackjack is one where your actions really matter, so do your best!

Is there a blackjack strategy that will lead to a 100% win?

Theoretically, a 100% guarantee of winning is promised by a card counting strategy. However, applying it requires caution and extreme care. One careless move or dispersal could negate all efforts.

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