Use in online casinos western union

Use in online casinos western union

Western Union was founded back in 1851 in the United States. At that time it provided telegraph services. Time passed, technology developed, and at the end of the 20th century Western Union became one of the most successful companies in the field of international money transfers, covering more than two hundred countries around the world. Now the company Western Union has 270 thousand branches in different countries and serves tens of millions of people every year. An overview of Western Union will tell about the peculiarities of the use of this payment method at online casinos.


At present the number of online casinos that accept Western Union is not so great. But given the desire of Western Union to keep up with the times and provide more and more services to its customers, making payments through this system more and more comfortable, you can expect an increase in popularity of Western Union in online casinos. Note that the conditions for the use of Western Union in online casinos may vary, depending on the rules of a particular site. In particular, some online casinos even encourage their players with bonuses for the use of Western Union.

In order to make a regular money transfer through Western Union, you do not need to open a personal account.
However, for special purposes, Western Union does have the option of opening a prepaid MasterCard. And of course, you can withdraw the necessary amount for Western Union transfer from your bank account or credit card. If you want to transfer money using Western Union to an online casino, then keep in mind that you will be charged a fee depending on the amount of the transaction.

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At online casinos Western Union is a convenient means of payment for many players. Previously, in order to send a transfer by Western Union , had to personally go to one of its branches. But recently Western Union has introduced a service that allows you to send Western Union money transfer via computer or mobile device. Of course, to make such a transfer, you need to first open an account with Western Union. As soon as you transfer the money, it will be in the addressee’s account in a few minutes, which is important in international financial transactions.

Western Union payments are very secure. You are offered to use payment code and control question, which both sender and receiver should know for even more safety.

Another recent innovation – it is electronic gift certificates Western Union, which are also accepted by some online casinos.


Not all online casinos offer Western Union as a payment method. In addition, please note that even if the online casino can make a deposit through Western Union, it is not always possible to withdraw winnings with the same payment method. Therefore we recommend you always to study carefully the rules and additional conditions of online casinos before you make a deposit and start playing.


Using Western Union at online casinos is quite comfortable and safe. The pluses of using Western Union in online casinos are availability anywhere in the world, efficiency, convenience and reliability of all financial transactions carried out through this system.

Minuses of Western Union may be considered a limited number of online casinos, which work with this payment method and the commission for payments.

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