Blackjack Online – Game Features and Tips for Playing

Blackjack Online – Game Features and Tips for Playing

How to Play Blackjack Online

The popularity of blackjack online is due to the fact that it offers the highest profitability percentage (about 99.4%, depending on the rules as well as strategy that the gambler uses). But another reason why this game in great demand is that it has an interesting gameplay.

However, do not forget that this has nothing to do with team sport – only you and the dealer will confront each other in the end. Before playing for real money, we recommend you try free online blackjack – especially if you are unfamiliar with the rules of this game.

Game Rules & Features

This is a famous game that has become a cult one in land-based gambling establishments and online casinos. If you want to play blackjack online free, follow these simple steps:

  • Choose a good online casino licensed to operate.
  • Create an account by providing accurate information about yourself.
  • Claim your no deposit bonus (if available).
  • Choose a convenient payment method and make a deposit.
  • Choose any version of blackjack online and enjoy the gameplay.

This game is also called ’21’ – this is due to the target number of cards in hand. That is, your task is to score maximum points and surpass the dealer. However, you should not exceed the value of 21. Here are what you should to know about online blackjack gameplay:

  • Cards 2-10 count as their face value. For example, 4 = 4 points. All face cards count as 10. An Ace is an exception – it can be counted as 1 or 11 (depending on how it is more profitable for the hand).
  • You will win in the following cases: the value of your hand is higher than that the dealer`s hand, the dealer scored more than 21 points, your first two cards draw a combination of 21 points (and the dealer does not have such two cards).
  • You need to place a bet before dealing cards. All players will receive 2 cards face up. The dealer receives also two cards – one with face down and another one is face up. Knowing your cards, you decide on what to do next.
  • Having received a face card and Ace, your hand forms Blackjack – this is a winning combination. However, if the dealer’s hand also forms blackjack, you don’t get a win, but you don’t lose your bet either.

Try blackjack online free games so as not to lose money on bets while you learn the rules of this game.

How to Play Smarter

Here are some simple tips to follow:

  • Choose blackjack online with 3: 2 payouts (avoid the 6: 5 options).
  • Learn the basic strategy and stick to it – it is mathematically sound.
  • Do not imitate the dealer’s strategy as the house plays according to different rules.
  • Try card counting – it is just as effective as in a poker game.
  • 13-17 hands are soft – do not stand on them.

Despite the fact that blackjack online is not the most difficult game in the world, many players make simple mistakes and lose. Use simple rules and strategies to be more successful.

What is Live Blackjack?

It is a game with a live dealer, who, with the help of video cameras and live streaming, conducts real deals. You can ask the dealer questions online during the game, so there is no risk of a pre-recorded video being broadcast. Blackjack with a live dealer appeared for the first time after all the real gambling clubs were closed, when the developers of virtual casinos took the opportunity to create

Live games for players. They combine all the advantages of virtual and land-based gambling establishments. Thanks to communication with the real dealer through video cameras, you can feel the atmosphere of presence in a real gambling establishment

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